Hayden Calnin

  1. For My Help
  2. Shutters
  3. Winter 2:31
  4. So Nice to Meet Ya 6:06
  5. Waves 3:33
  6. Dirt 7:05
  7. Cut Love 7:44
  8. Summer
  9. Shutters (Acoustic Rework) 4:31
  10. Visible 3:30
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The ink lines that would shape young singer/songwriter/producer Hayden Calnin and his budding musical career were drawn in his teen years after his father gave him a guitar at age 14. He hasn’t gone a day since without playing it. Dabbling in bands through his teen years led him to add drums and piano to his repertoire, until at the age of 17 he finally decided to give singing a go. In his early 20s a degree in film, with a major in sound design became Hayden’s entry point into the world of music production. From here on it was only natural that Hayden would begin recording his own songs at home.

He's since toured with the likes of Matt Corby, Mat McHugh and Gossling and has al...

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Клип Hayden Calnin - For My Help

For My Help

Клип Hayden Calnin - Shutters


Клип Hayden Calnin - Summer


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