Hanging Doll

  1. Sweet Retribution
  2. Blood Ridden Skies
  3. Hope Springs Eternal
  4. A Formidable Mistake
  5. Carnival Of Sin
  6. Cradle to the Grave
  7. Dark Narcissus
  8. Echoes Of Sorrow
  9. Forlorn
  10. Lacrimosa
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Hanging Doll are a Orchestral Gothic Metal band that reign from Birmingham, UK.

The dark intense orchestral metal of Hanging Doll, combines pure passionate and powerful vocals with dense levels of narcissm and emotional longing. The fusion of brooding detuned guitar riffs with highly melodic string patterns and a 'Metal Core' is without doubt a potent mix, both powerful and poignant. Without conceeding to convention or imitation, Hanging Doll are happy to dispell all critics and disbelievers with their mature, epic and multi textured sound.

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Клип Hanging Doll - Sweet Retribution

Sweet Retribution

Клип Hanging Doll - Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

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