1. Smut Me 2:16
  2. Its not our mashup 3:35
  3. Dominator - Original Mix
  4. You Feel Me - DMNDZ Remix
  5. Monkey - You Killing Me Remix 3:28
  6. Bass Addict 4:25
  7. Fire Walk with me 3:49
  8. Ghetto 4:13
  9. I Bring It
  10. Troublemaker 3:34
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LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

HAEZER originates from Cape Town, South Africa and had been producing his signature trash/electro sound since late 2008. He began his live career at THE ASSEMBLY, opening for visiting internationals such as Steve Aoki, Gtronic, Djedjotronic and Le Castle Vania. Soon after, HAEZER teamed up with Cyberpunkers (ITALY) and Saint Pauli (GERMANY) to collaborate on his debut single Who The Fuck is HAEZER (released on Freakz me Out Records, GERMANY) and later on touring together with Cyberpunkers on their 2010 SA tour. The Toxic Avenger met up with HAEZER on his 2009 tour to South Africa, a meeting that later resulted in HAEZER being invited t...

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Клип Haezer - Smut Me

Smut Me

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