1. Point Of View - Original Mix
  2. Pain 'n Love (Original Mix) (feat. Effluence)
  3. Point of View
  4. We Do It Ft. BR 6:31
  5. All Over - Original Mix
  6. As I See
  7. Obsessed- Edit
  8. Stupid - Original Mix
  9. Work Dat (Original Mix)
  10. Room Full Of Mirrors (Original Mix)
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In Curitiba, Brazil, the days are sweltering hot, and the nights are long. On the streets of this metropolis, boys become men, and souls are both lost and found. No one knows this better than the artist known as HNQO. As a famed breakdancer in his youth, he went in search of himself, with little more than a dream and the voices of Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash to guide him.

Before long, he was dexterously layering hi hats onto groovy house beats, and chopping hip-hop vocals with a soft but menacing touch. His music takes hold of you from collar to knee, with cheeky hooks and infectious rhythms. More than a musician, HNQO is an interpreter of the past, fusing elements of hip ...

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