Guy Mitchell

  1. Heartaches By The Numbers 2:57
  2. Look at That Girl 2:50
  3. Knee Deep in the Blues 2:11
  4. My Heart Cries for You 2:46
  5. My Truly, Truly Fair 2:46
  6. Rock-A-Billy 2:14
  7. She Wears Red Feathers 3:09
  8. Singing the Blues 2:25
  9. Rock'A - Billy
  10. My Truly Fair
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Guy Mitchell, born Albert George Cernik (February 22, 1927 – July 1, 1999) was an American pop singer, successful in his homeland, the U.K. and Australia. As an international recording star of the 1950s he achieved record sales in excess of 44 million units and this included six million-selling singles.
In the fall of 1957, Mitchell starred in his own ABC variety show, The Guy Mitchell Show. He also appeared as George Romack on the 1961 NBC western detective series Whispering Smith, with World War II hero Audie Murphy in the leading role.
His first hit was "My Heart Cries for You" (1951). Though he is a pre-rock pop singer, many of his songs have a decided rock beat to...

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Клип Guy Mitchell - Heartaches By The Numbers

Heartaches By The Numbers

Клип Guy Mitchell - Look at That Girl

Look at That Girl

Клип Guy Mitchell - My Heart Cries for You

My Heart Cries for You

Клип Guy Mitchell - My Truly, Truly Fair

My Truly, Truly Fair

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