Gus Black

  1. Love Is A Stranger 4:33
  2. The World is on Fire
  3. Paranoid 0:37
  4. Summer Dress 4:27
  5. Today Is Not The Day 3:00
  6. Certain Kind of Light 2:38
  7. Out On The Amsterdam 2:14
  8. I've Been Trying To Pretend You Don't Exist
  9. Little Prince Town 2:38
  10. Long Beach
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Gus Black (formerly known simply as Gus) is an American singer-songwriter/producer from Los Angeles. He signed to Almo Sounds, a subsidiary of A&M Records, and released two albums on the label, 1996's Gus and 1999's Word of Mouth Parade. He covered Blue Öyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper" for the Scream soundtrack. The label disbanded in 2000; since then Black has released 3 albums, all of which were released internationally before seeing domestic distribution. His album "Autumn Days" was selected by iTunes as Top 10 "Best Indie Singer/Songwriter" releases of 2006. The 2008 release "Today Is Not The Day…" was critical...

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Клип Gus Black - Love Is A Stranger

Love Is A Stranger

Клип Gus Black - Paranoid


Клип Gus Black - Certain Kind of Light

Certain Kind of Light

Клип Gus Black - Long Beach

Long Beach

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