1. Shark Attack 3:58
  2. Let Me In 3:59
  3. School Boy 3:52
  4. Tongue Tied 3:38
  5. Naked Kids 3:30
  6. Love Will Save Your Soul 3:47
  7. Getaway Car 3:48
  8. Borderlines And Aliens 3:50
  9. Good Morning 3:39
  10. Itchin on a Photograph 4:41
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Hannah Hooper met Christian Zucconi late one evening on the lower east side of Manhattan. They had both been living in New York for years and had never crossed paths before. But from that night forward the two could hardly be pulled apart. Soon after their connection Hooper was invited to an art residency in Greece on the island of Crete and Hooper insists "without any hesitation" she invited Zucconi to join her on this journey. "Seriously, we had only known one another for a few days but are both so inspired and alive when we are together that going to Greece seemed like a magical and natural thing to do" recalls Zucconi.

On Crete, in a small remote mountain vil...

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Клип Grouplove - Shark Attack

Shark Attack

Клип Grouplove - Let Me In

Let Me In

Клип Grouplove - School Boy

School Boy

Клип Grouplove - Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied

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