Group 1 Crew

  1. Keys To The Kingdom 3:57
  2. Can't Go On 3:16
  3. Forsaken 3:44
  4. His Kind of Love
  5. Forgive Me
  6. He Said - feat. Chris August
  7. A Little Closer
  8. Walking On The Stars
  9. Live It Up 3:16
  10. Dangerous
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Group 1 Crew is a Christian hip hop band signed to Fervent Records and Warner Bros. Records. They made their debut with their hit song "Can't Go On" on WOW Hits 2007. Soon after they released their first EP I Have a Dream (2006). Contrary to appearance, Manwell Reyes has no relation to Blanca Reyes. The band released their self-titled debut full-length studio album, Group 1 Crew, in February 2007. Their song "Love is a Beautiful Thing" charted into the Top 20 in May 2007 on R&R magazine's Christian chart. The group's second studio album Ordinary Dreamers was released on September 16, 2008. They also have had their song "Forgive Me" appear o...

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Клип Group 1 Crew - Keys To The Kingdom

Keys To The Kingdom

Клип Group 1 Crew - Can't Go On

Can't Go On

Клип Group 1 Crew - Forsaken


Клип Group 1 Crew - His Kind of Love

His Kind of Love

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