1. One New Message 3:09
  2. L.O.L. 3:20
  3. It's You 3:53
  4. Final Cut 3:13
  5. As Time Passes By 3:24
  6. Time Is Right 3:46
  7. Until i'm gone
  8. Let Me Be 3:55
  9. Call It A Dream 3:54
  10. 5V/ Neytrino Temper 4:03
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Gorchitza started its activities on June 2007.

Since the beginning it was an extremely unusual formation for the mainstream scene of Ukraine – English lyrics and Europe oriented music were warmly accepted at the club and festival venues.

Band did its successful live debut during open-up gig before outstanding Faithless on June,07 in Kiev.

Gorchitza on stage includes five people:

Olga Dibrova - vocals,
Alexey Gorchitza – keyboards,

... Полная биография


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Клип Gorchitza - One New Message

One New Message

Клип Gorchitza - L.O.L.


Клип Gorchitza - It's You

It's You

Клип Gorchitza - Final Cut

Final Cut

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