Godfather Don

  1. Do My Thing 4:41
  2. Lex Lugor
  3. Inverted 4:21
  4. Status 4:18
  5. Stuck Off The Realness 4:23
  6. Ill Funk Freaker 1:54
  7. Sadistic 4:20
  8. Listen Close 4:15
  9. Burn (Remix)
  10. Kaos 4:24
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Godfather Don is a New York City hip hop record producer. He was in Cenobites with Kool Keith and The Groove Merchantz with Victor Padilla, The Beatnuts production team. He has been "a creative force within New York City's underground hip-hop scene" since he appeared with debut in 1991.
Godfather Don first appeared in 1991 with Hazardous, released on the Select Records. The album established the Godfather as an MC influenced by the blatant, hard-hitting style of Chuck D. A few years later, the Don appeared on and produced the Ultramagnetic MC's' The Four Horsemen, which led to a collaboration with that group's standout, Kool Keith. The Cenobites EP was i...

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Клип Godfather Don - Status


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