1. Closer 4:09
  2. Back To You 4:16
  3. Got It 3:16
  4. $ecret 3:24
  5. It Takes More
  6. Running 3:16
  7. For Love 3:03
  8. Hey Boy 3:44
  9. Catch 22
  10. Cupcake 3:40
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For a woman whose name means 'to go forward' in Setswana, the South African language of her grandmother, Goapele is instinctively living up to her moniker. Born July 11, 1977 (age 33) Oakland, California, United States. The Oakland, California-based songstress broke onto the Bay Area music scene in 2001 with the ethereal Even Closer (Skyblaze Records) an indie masterpiece which went on to sell an unprecedented number of units, largely based on the success of the smash hit single “Closer.” The album’s mix of soulful grooves and thought-provoking lyrics introduced the world to a multi-faceted artist and songwriter, known as much for her social and political activism as for her lus...

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Клип Goapele - Closer


Клип Goapele - Back To You

Back To You

Клип Goapele - Got It

Got It

Клип Goapele - For Love

For Love

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