Glenn Lewis

  1. Fall Again 4:19
  2. If You're Not the One
  3. Don't You Forget It 3:50
  4. Good One 3:06
  5. Fall With You 4:19
  6. Back For More (featuring Kardinal Offishall)
  7. Take Me 4:40
  8. All I See Is You 3:38
  9. All My Love (feat. Melanie Fiona)
  10. One More Day 3:26
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Glenn Lewis (born Glenn Ricketts on March 13, 1975) is a Canadian R&B and neo soul singer-songwriter. Originally planning to pursue a career in animation as a teenager, Lewis instead decided to focus on music. His father was a member of the musical group Crack of Dawn. Lewis has cited Stevie Wonder as his biggest inspiration, and Lewis has often been compared to him because of the similarities in their tones.

Early life and career

Lewis was born in Toronto to a Trinidadian mother, and a Jamaican father. From the ages of 8 to 14, he also lived in Trinidad before moving back to Toronto. After moving back to the city, he attended high school at Eastern Commer...

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Клип Glenn Lewis - Fall Again

Fall Again

Клип Glenn Lewis - Fall With You

Fall With You

Клип Glenn Lewis - Take Me

Take Me

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