1. Do U Want Me 3:44
  2. Maybes (feat. Japanese Breakfast) 4:16
  3. All That Matters 3:24
  4. Chocolate
  5. Close 2 Me
  6. Feels 3:10
  7. Thinking About You
  8. Undress U 4:10
  9. Be With You
  10. Visible
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San Francisco is a city brimming with hidden talent just waiting to be discovered. Charlie Yin’s bedroom project Giraffage is one of these hidden gems. The music is impressive – lush and dreamy electronic landscapes are woven in with hip hop beats creating a symphony of blissful sounds that will put you in a dreamlike state. Freshly confirmed for Roskilde Festival (85,000 cap.) in Denmark, his new single has been released via Kitsuné on May 12th.

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