1. I Never Know 3:14
  2. Put a Light On 3:44
  3. Welcome to the Fire 3:39
  4. Either Way
  5. Dirty Mister Dirty
  6. Black Lemon
  7. Gold Silver Diamond 3:24
  8. It Took a Minute
  9. Reviver
  10. Spinoza
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The two men behind the creation of Generationals - Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer - do not know what they did, they could not possibly have that kind of clairvoyance to perceive that one of the songs they wrote had to get and they will have for many years before the song is up in question - "When they fight, the Fight" - is a hit record like that summers cream of the spouse of that makes everyone go a bit woozy and a banana much it is sunlight accentuated It is a pulsing slow drip of Motown bass and slinky guitar melded with very sing-a-long moments and the most perfect set of pop lyrics about fighting and what appears to be unconditional love through thick and thin But 'Con L...

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Клип Generationals - I Never Know

I Never Know

Клип Generationals - Put a Light On

Put a Light On

Клип Generationals - Either Way

Either Way

Клип Generationals - Gold Silver Diamond

Gold Silver Diamond

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