Gamma Pulse

  1. Last Christmas 3:44
  2. DESTROYhER 4:48
  3. Dead But Dreaming 0:44
  4. Don't Trust Me 4:22
  5. Earthquake
  6. Ghosts
  7. Give & Take
  8. Nostalgia 5:24
  9. Collect & Collapse
  10. Memory
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During the summer of 2009, what is now known as Indianapolis’s hardcore/electro super house, Gamma Pulse was formed. Throughout its changes in members and sounds, GP has become one of the most anticipated hardcore bands out of Indianapolis’s scene in a very long time. With something different to offer to the genre, GP has a mixture of hard hitting breakdown, poppy sing-a-long choruses, and pretty interludes. GP strives to deliver a live show that you will remember for an eternity. With plans of a tour and a full length album, GP is not a band you can expect to be slowing down anytime soon.
Spencer Steckler - Vocals
Alii Rimedio - Vocals
Matt Cole - Guitar Полная биография


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Клип Gamma Pulse - Last Christmas

Last Christmas

Клип Gamma Pulse - DESTROYhER


Клип Gamma Pulse - Dead But Dreaming

Dead But Dreaming

Клип Gamma Pulse - Earthquake


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