1. One Sign 3:36
  2. So I Begin 3:55
  3. So, I Begin 3:56
  4. I Believe 3:57
  5. Shining Light 3:55
  6. The Price
  7. Three Colours
  8. Liopleurodon
  9. Fall of Fame
  10. Solitude
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Существует как минимум три группы, носящие название Galleon:

1. Progressive rock группа из Швеции.
2. Dance-группа из Франции.
3. Indie rock группа из Австралии.

1. Galleon(Sweden)
Galleon started as a three piece named Aragon back in 85 , experimenting with different kind of music and musicians , but never really found the "right" feeling. . .
Until a friend of the band some years later gave them a tip of a recording studio , which had an engineer who probably would suit their sound and taste of music real good . . . . .
Because Micke Vдrn, guitars - Göran Fors, bass and Vocals and Dan Fors, drums had the idea , they wanted at least to doc...

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Клип Galleon - One Sign

One Sign

Клип Galleon - So I Begin

So I Begin

Клип Galleon - So, I Begin

So, I Begin

Клип Galleon - I Believe

I Believe

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