Gai Barone

  1. Un-Theme 5:51
  2. Monoroid
  3. Mr Slade
  4. Alicudi 8:57
  5. Mr. Slade - Solarstone Pure Radio Edit
  6. The Moth
  7. Mr. Slade [Mix Cut] - Solarstone Pure Mix
  8. Mr. Slade [ASOT 691] - Solarstone Pure Mix
  9. Love Stimulation 3:27
  10. A Force Called Gravity
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.. A relatively new name to some he may very well be, but Italy’s Gai Barone has a much longer history in dance music than you might think. Brought up on an eclectic musical diet, Barone initially immersed himself in classical and hip hop (and a fair few shades in between). He started playing musical instruments at an early age and quickly progressed to become an accomplished keyboard player. Getting into dance music in his home country, the young Sicilian was perfectly positioned in 1989 to witness the rise of Italo House. Rapidly caught up in his country’s embryonic electronic dance sound, he watched its influence spread quickly around the world. A year later he started to DJ, initially...

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Клип Gai Barone - Alicudi


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