1. Love You Down 2:07
  2. Bowl
  3. Far Red 4:08
  4. Ghostly Head
  5. New Grass
  6. Open Chords
  7. Remember
  8. We Like to Laugh 3:02
  9. Abandoned City 2:21
  10. Waterfall
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Gacha Bakradze (born December 27, 1989) also known by his stage name Snapdance, is a Georgian electronic musician best known as a member of the Electro music duo Me & My Monkey . He Was Born In Batumi, Georgia and Started His Musical career there. Having learnt to play guitar at the tender age of ten, Gacha began his quest to realize his own innate fragile melodies and harmonies early on, but it wasn't until some years later, in a eureka moment brought about by discovering Boards of Canada's classic ambient work Geogaddi, that he began to really strive to shape his own sound and sonic environment. Adding the MPC and classic Korg synths to his arsenal, Gacha gradually, patien...

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