Future Islands

  1. Inch of Dust 3:33
  2. Vireo's Eye 4:07
  3. Seasons (Waiting On You) 3:46
  4. Like the Moon 4:39
  5. In the Fall 4:48
  6. Wave Like Home 2:57
  7. A Song for Our Grandfathers 4:55
  8. Ran 3:25
  9. Close to None 6:19
  10. Seize a Shark 2:26
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Future Islands are a particularly odd pop proposition. With their grumbling keyboards and galloping drums, wind-in-your-hair tunes and triumphant chord sequences, they sounds almost like some great lost 80's pop band, like they could maybe be included in the prom scene in a John Hughes movie.

But something isn't right. Like the stray ear in Blue Velvet, there's a spanner in the works. There's a certain awkwardness in how the sounds scrape together. The keyboards have an abrasive edge that tips Future Islands away from Depeche Mode and towards Xiu Xiu. Singer Samuel T. Herring's vocals come with a trans-Atlantic accent that seems to be influenced by both Ian ...

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Клип Future Islands - Inch of Dust

Inch of Dust

Клип Future Islands - Vireo's Eye

Vireo's Eye

Клип Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You)

Seasons (Waiting On You)

Клип Future Islands - Like the Moon

Like the Moon

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