From Ashes to New

  1. Nowhere to Run
  2. Let Go
  3. Through It All
  4. Stay This Way 3:55
  5. I Will Show You 3:11
  6. You Only Die Once 3:22
  7. An Ocean of Its Own 3:32
  8. On My Own
  9. Who's Laughing Now 3:25
  10. Land Of Make Believe
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From Ashes to New was founded in early 2013 by Matt Brandyberry. After all the years of failed projects and less than eager members, Matt decided it was time to go a different direction, a comfortable direction. Chris Musser joined Matt almost immediately after the idea was spawned. Not to long after Dan Kecki followed in suit.
The idea behind From Ashes to New, is to do something fresh and meaningful. By taking every kind of music that influences them, FATN is able to create a sound that is not only refreshing but also makes you feel as if you've known it all along. With songs geared toward everyday struggles and uplifting lyrics in the direction of self betterment, From Ashes...

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Клип From Ashes to New - Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to Run

Клип From Ashes to New - Let Go

Let Go

Клип From Ashes to New - Through It All

Through It All

Клип From Ashes to New - Stay This Way

Stay This Way

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