Fred Astaire все треки

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Слушать песни Fred Astaire

  1. Cheek To Cheek 3:37
  2. Puttin' On The Ritz 2:51
  3. We Saw the Sea 2:19
  4. Let's Face the Music and Dance 2:31
  5. Funny Face 3:46
  6. Steppin' Out With My Baby 2:20
  7. Top Hat, White Tie And Tails 3:45
  8. Let's Kiss And Make Up
  9. Medley; The Girl On The Magazine Cover; I Love To Quarrel With You; Along Came Ruth
  10. Piccolino
  11. A Couple of Song and Dance Men 2:17
  12. Oh, Lady Be Good! 4:32
  13. You're Easy To Dance With 3:22
  14. Never Gonna Dance 3:10
  15. One For My Baby
  16. Shall We Dance? 2:30
  17. The Way You Look Tonight 2:01
  18. So Long, OO-Long
  19. A Fine Romance 2:53
  20. A Needle In A Haystack
  21. Let Yourself Go 2:35
  22. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off – From Shall We Dance
  23. I Can't Be Bothered Now
  24. Night & Day
  25. Pick Yourself Up
  26. Change Partners 3:22
  27. Love of My Life
  28. Mr Keyboard Man
  29. Puttin' On The Ritz 2:08
  30. They Can't Take That Away From Me 2:30
  31. 'S Wonderful 2:58
  32. I Won't Dance 3:05
  33. Night and Day 3:14
  34. Steppin' Out With My Baby 2:20
  35. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off 3:14
  36. Nice Work If You Can Get It 2:40
  37. They All Laughed 2:47
  38. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
  39. They Can't Take That Away From Me 2:30
  40. Dancing In The Dark 4:48
  41. 'S Wonderful
  42. I Concentrate On You 2:46
  43. The Continental 3:29
  44. I Won't Dance 3:05
  45. Foggy Day 2:55
  46. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket 5:17
  47. Isn't This Lovely Day?
  48. Things Are Looking Up
  49. Slap That Bass
  50. (I've Got) Beginner's Luck
  51. Bojangles of Harlem
  52. No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)
  53. Way You Look Tonight {from Swing Time}
  54. Fascinating Rhythm
  55. Easter Parade {from As Thousands Cheer}
  56. I'm Old Fashioned
  57. Flying Down to Rio
  58. Dearly Beloved
  59. I Used to Be Colour Blind
  60. Dream Dancing
  61. The Whichness Of Whatness ('Stop Flirting')
  62. Oh Gee! Oh Gosh!
  63. Hang On To Me (Lady Be Good)
  64. The Half Of It Dearie Blues (Lady Be Good)
  65. I'd Rather Charleston (Lady Be Good)
  66. Swiss Miss (Cabhorse Trot) Yodel Song (Lady Be G
  67. Not My Girl
  68. Louisiana
  69. Crazy Feet (Film Happy Days)
  70. After You Who
  71. You Worry Me
  72. City Of The Angels
  73. My Eyes Adored You
  74. Dance In The Old Fashioned Way
  75. I'm Building Up to an Awful Let-Down
  76. The Wailing Of The Willow
  77. Easy To Remember
  78. I Love Everybody But You
  79. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
  80. Something's Gotta Give
  81. I Wanna Be A Dancin' Man (Film 'Belle Of New Yor
  82. Life Is Beautiful
  83. Attitude Dancing
  84. Wonderful Baby
  85. Session Sound Bites - Part One 'Faulty Freddie'
  86. Top Billing
  87. Roxie
  88. Spring Spring Spring
  89. How Lucky Can You Get?
  90. In The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening
  91. I've A Shooting Box In Scotland
  92. Sing
  93. Session Sound Bites Part Two - Blow-Ups With Bin
  94. That's Entertainment
  95. Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rai
  96. The Afterbeat
  97. The Whichness Of The Whatness (Studio)
  98. Oh, Gee! Oh, Gosh! (Studio)
  99. Hang On To Me (Studio)
  100. The Half Of It, Dearie, Blues (Studio)
  101. I'd Rather Charleston (Studio)
  102. Swiss Miss (Studio)
  103. The Babbit And The Bromide (Studio)
  104. High Hat (Studio)
  105. My One And Only (Studio)
  106. Crazy Feet (Studio)
  107. After You, Who? (Studio)
  108. Music Makes Me (Studio)
  109. I'd Rather Lead a Band
  110. Heigh-Ho, the Gang's All Here
  111. Please Don't Monkey With Broadway
  112. I've Got My Eyes On You
  113. Here's to the Girls
  114. This Heart Of Mine
  115. If Swing Goes, I Go Too (Outtake)
  116. Yolanda
  117. It Only Happens When I Dance With You
  118. A Couple of Swells
  119. You'd Be Hard To Replace
  120. Shoes With Wings On
  121. A Weekend In The Country
  122. Manhattan Downbeat
  123. Where Did You Get That Girl?
  124. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
  125. Every Night At Seven
  126. How Could You Believe Me
  127. You’re All the World to Me
  128. I Left My Hat In Haiti
  129. Bachelor Dinner Song
  130. OOPS
  131. Seeing’s Believing
  132. Baby Doll
  133. I Wanna Be a Dancin’ Man
  134. By Myself
  135. A Shine on Your Shoes 4:30
  136. Got A Bran' New Suit (outtake)
  137. Triplets
  138. I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plan
  139. Paris Loves Lovers
  140. All of You (extended version)
  141. Fated to Be Mated (extended version)
  142. The Ritz Roll and Rock 3:35
  143. Lovely To Look At
  144. The Carioca
  145. New Sun in the Sky
  146. (Ad Lib) Fast Dances
  147. I Love Louisa
  148. (Ad Lib) Slow Dances
  149. (Ad Lib) Medium Dance
  150. So Near And Yet So Far
  151. Jam Session
  152. Waltz in Swing Time (Alternate Take)
  153. The Yam
  154. Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye
  155. The Wedding Cake Walk
  156. I Can't Tell A Lie
  157. The Whichness And The Whatness
  158. I've Got You on My Mind
  159. Maybe It's Because (I Love You Too Much)
  160. Poor Mister Chisholm
  161. Me and the Ghost Upstairs
  162. (I Ain't Hep To That Step But I'll) Dig It!
  163. You Were Never Lovelier
  164. The "Shorty George"
  165. Just Like Taking Candy from a Baby
  166. If Swing Goes I Go Too
  167. The Gold Diggers Song (We're In The Money)
  168. Who Cares?
  169. Oh My Achin' Back
  170. Me one and only
  171. The rabbit and the bromide
  172. Shaking the Blues Away
  173. I Love a Piano
  174. Sweet Music (To Worry the Wolf Away)
  175. The Gold Digger's Song
  176. Wedding in the Spring
  177. Digital Booklet: The Early Years at RKO
  178. Isn't This A Lovely Day (Album Version)
  179. Shall We Dance (Album Version)
  180. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
  181. Stand By Me
  182. Over the Rainbow
  183. You'll Never Walk Alone
  184. Clementine
  185. Lipstick On Your Collar
  186. Anatole of Paris
  187. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  188. Oh Lonesome Me
  189. Lady, be Good!: Hang On To Me
  190. Lady, be Good!: The Half Of It Dearie Blues
  191. Lady, be Good!: I'd Rather Charleston
  192. Swiss Maid (Yodel Song)
  193. Lady, be Good!: So Am I
  194. Strike up the Band: He Loves And She Loves
  195. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
  196. Put the Blame on Mame
  197. Chanson incompréhensible
  198. King Creole
  199. High Noon
  200. I Could Have Danced All Night
  201. Marche Du Colonel Bogey
  202. Mambo bacan
  203. Rock Around the Clock
  204. Que sera sera
  205. On The Street Where You Live
  206. Hi Lili Hi Lo
  207. Generique
  208. Thème de la Strada
  209. Rhapsodie in Blue
  210. True Love
  211. The Lady Is a Tramp
  212. America
  213. Cry Me a River
  214. Lola
  215. The Entertainer
  216. Manha de Carnaval
  217. Summertime
  218. Thème du TROISIEME HOMME
  219. Rio Bravo
  220. I'll capture your heart 2:23
  221. Dig it (i ain't hep to that step but i'll)
  222. The Liar Song
  223. The Girl Hunt Ballet
  224. White Heat
  225. No Strings
  226. I'm Putting All My Eggs
  227. Crazy Feet
  228. I'm Putting All My Eggs
  229. Crazy Feet
  230. Crazy Feet!
  231. Gershwin I'd Rather Charleston
  232. Gershwin Funny Face
  233. The Half of It, Dearie, Blues
  234. Swiss Miss
  235. Hang On to Me
  236. White Heat Dancing in the Dark
  237. Crazy Feet
  238. I'm Putting All My Eggs
  239. Music Makes Me
  240. Ill Be Hard to Handle
  241. Final
  242. End Titles
  243. Music Makes Me
  244. Lets Begin
  245. Sice They Turned 'Loch Lomond' Into Swing
  246. Orchids In the Moonlight
  247. Carefree (Overture)
  248. Final
  249. Crazy Feet!
  250. White Heat-dancing In the Dark
  251. Swiss Miss
  252. I'd Rather Charleston 2:53
  253. Hang On to Me
  254. The Half of It, Dearie, Blues
  255. Happy Holiday
  256. Be Careful It's My Heart
  257. Abraham
  258. Easter Parade
  259. Song of Freedom
  260. Lazy
  261. I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For
  262. White Christmas
  263. Let's Start the New Year Off Right
  264. The Piccolino
  265. Fascinating Rhythm (Lady Be Good)
  266. Funny Face (Funny Face)
  267. The Babbitt And The Bromide (Funny Face)
  268. High Hat (Funny Face)
  269. My One And Only (Funny Face)
  270. Music Makes Me (Flying Down To Rio)
  271. A Foggy Day (A Damsel In Distress)
  272. That Face
  273. They All Laughed (Shall We Dance)
  274. Waltz in Swing Time
  275. The Yam Steps (As explained by Fred Astaire)
  276. A Fine Romance (A Sarcastic Love Song)
  277. We're in the Money
  278. Top Hat, White Tie And Tails – From Top Hat
  279. In Your Easter Bonnet
  280. He Loves, She Loves (from Funny Face)
  281. Bonjour Paris
  282. High Hat
  283. It's Wonderful
  284. Shall We Dance (Finale) (From "Shall We Dance")
  285. Night And Day (From "The Gay Divorcee")
  286. Three Little Words (From "Three Little Words")
  287. I'd Rather Lead A Band (From "Follow The Fleet")
  288. Isn't This A Lovely Day (From "Top Hat")
  289. The Piccolino (From "Top Hat")
  290. Waltz In Spring Time, The (Instrumental) (From "Swing Time")
  291. The Yam Step (From "Carefree")
  292. Oops! (From "The Belle Of New York")
  293. Baby Doll (From "The Belle Of New York")
  294. Seeing's Believing (From "The Belle Of New York")
  295. Puttin' On The Ritz (From "Blue Skies")
  296. It Only Happens When I Dance With You (From "Easter Parade")
  297. Steppin' Out With My Baby (From "Easter Parade")
  298. They Can't Take That Away From Me (From "The Barklays Of Broadway")
  299. By Myself (From "Band Wagon")
  300. Medley; Oh, Lady Be Good; Puttin' On The Ritz; Top Hat, White Tie And Tails
  301. Poor Mr Chisholm
  302. Doing The Shorty George
  303. On The Beam
  304. Lady Of The Evening
  305. I'll Walk Alone
  306. The Whichness Of The Whatness
  307. Slap The Bass
  308. Beginner's Luck (From "Shall We Dance")
  309. All By Myself
  310. Hello Baby
  311. He Loves and She Loves
  312. Carioca
  313. Cheek to Cheek (I'm in Heaven)
  314. On How To Be Lovely
  315. Singing in the Rain
  316. Let's Face the Music and Dance (From "Follow the Fleet")
  317. Fast Dance
  318. Main Titles: Funny Face / 'S Wonderful
  319. Isn't It a Lovely Day??