Frankie Cutlass

  1. Puerto Rico 1:24
  2. Hip Hop Instrumental
  3. Old School Radio 0:39
  4. Original Mix 1994
  5. Back On The Scene 3:42
  6. The Wepaman Mix
  7. Here We Go 3:29
  8. Dance Mix
  9. Feel the Vibe (feat. Doo Wop, Heltah Skeltah & Rampage)
  10. Focus (feat. Lost Boyz & M.O.P.)
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Much like his idol Marley Marl, Frankie Cutlass gathered MCs and vocalists under the umbrella of projects – which he spearheaded as producer and mixer – while still maintaining an edge as a DJ by playing consistently in clubs, both dance- and hip-hop-oriented. Originally from Puerto Rico, he moved to Spanish Harlem in New York with his family while still a child, and began to grasp America's culture firsthand through the influence of hip-hop. His brother, a member of the Zulu Nation, taught him to DJ, and Cutlass first hit the decks in the '80s at the age of 12. He joined his own crew later on, working with DJ Funkmaster Flex's Flip Squad. By the early '90s...

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