Forty Foot Echo

  1. Brand New Day 3:37
  2. Beside Me 4:29
  3. Drift 3:07
  4. Valentine 3:12
  5. Everything
  6. Weakness
  7. Multiply
  8. Long Way Down
  9. Monster 3:04
  10. See You Someday
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Forty Foot Echo is a five-man rock band from Canada, who released their self-titled debut album in 2003.

Murray Yates, formerly of the band Templar, is the band's lead vocals, with Ryan Chamberlain as rhythm guitarist, Izzy Allen as bassist, Dayvid Swart on the drums and Shaun McDowell playing lead guitar.

Shortly after the conclusion of their first tour, a complicated series of events caused the band to become estranged from Hollywood Records, which eventually led to a different line-up for their second album. Only Murray Yates remained on board, and was the one who reformed the band with the help of Shaun McDowell.

"Brand New Day", the band's most s...

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Клип Forty Foot Echo - Brand New Day

Brand New Day

Клип Forty Foot Echo - Beside Me

Beside Me

Клип Forty Foot Echo - Drift


Клип Forty Foot Echo - Weakness


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