1. Hollywood's Not America 3:15
  2. Take My Lips 3:30
  3. Closer 4:32
  4. Hollywood's Not America 3:15
  5. Legends Never Die
  6. Speak In Tongues
  7. Champagne
  8. King Of Sabotage
  9. No Good In Goodnight
  10. Don't Give Up 4:10
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Ferras Alqaisi (born 1982), known as Ferras, is a Jordanian-American Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who has signed with EMI as part of Capitol Records.

Ferras grew up feeling out of place in a small Illinois town called Gillespie. This feeling was only compounded when, shortly after his parents' divorce, his father took him to the airport, promising him a trip to Disneyland, but instead he actually spirited him away to his homeland of Amman, Jordan, an experience he often jokes about but also says was fairly "traumatic" at the time. While there, Ferras took solace in the small Casio keyboard that his father bought him and began writing his own songs. His mother...

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Клип Ferras - Hollywood's Not America

Hollywood's Not America

Клип Ferras - Take My Lips

Take My Lips

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