1. Family (Skit) 1:36
  2. Skit
  3. Vizion
  4. Beat Machine
  5. Beatstepperz - Dr. Rude Remix
  6. Bounce To The Beat - Radio Edit
  7. Chá de Maçã
  8. Drug Collection
  9. Getting Loud
  10. Take it Back
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Releasing his first record on the Dirty Workz label launched his career. If you're wondering what Fenix sounds like, imagine a combination of different styles, variation and fast mixes. His productions represent different sounds and styles blended into one. Future projects include productions for the Filthy Muzik label and collaborations with other artists. Already playlisted by all the major deejays, this youngster, is definatly one to keep an eye out for! Some gigs: BassEvents Outdoor, Qbase, Nature One, Loveparade, Reverze, Phase04, Bassleader and more…

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Клип FeniX - Vizion


Клип FeniX - Drug Collection

Drug Collection

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