1. Can't Let Go 3:43
  2. Habibi Albi 3:02
  3. Far Away 4:15
  4. Legendary 3:40
  5. Sun Don't Shine 3:42
  6. Maria 3:44
  7. Laugh Till You Cry (feat Lazy J) 3:54
  8. Ya Linda 3:31
  9. Move On 3:02
  10. Amari 3:23
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Faydee is an electrifying singer, songwriter, producer and performer hailing from Sydney, Australia. His current single, the summer anthem Say My Name, has taken commercial radio by storm and generated a significant buzz for himself both online and throughout the public.

As an independent artist, Faydee is truly in a league of his own, having garnered the adoration of thousands of fans over the span of his career. Faydee has relentlessly released one hit song after another, and as a result, he has performed at the majority of premiere venues in Australia and made himself an internet sensation along the way.

2011 has seen Faydee release his biggest single to date, the club elec...

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Клип Faydee - Can't Let Go

Can't Let Go

Клип Faydee - Habibi Albi

Habibi Albi

Клип Faydee - Far Away

Far Away

Клип Faydee - Legendary


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