Evil Needle

  1. Intrepidity feat. Mr. Carmack 4:34
  2. Ascension 4:00
  3. Moodolude 05 3:04
  4. Good Times feat. Octavio N. Santos
  5. Outro 2:23
  6. Mood Music 2:54
  7. Worry 4:18
  8. Antidote 4:18
  9. Chillaxing 2:39
  10. Galaxy Wars 4:03
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Evil Needle was born in 84’ in the city of Berlin Germany. He grew up fully influenced by 90’s hip hop, the sounds of Wu-Tang in particular were the soundtrack to his childhood. He was also inspired by artists like Mr Lif, Pharcyde, Bicasso, Hieroglyphic, and many more artists that withheld laidback, easy listening tracks. From then on Evil Needle hardly listened mainstream music and was inspired by a landfill of meaningful and honest artist of the underground. In his childhood he was first introduced to beat making by a friend that owned a music software called “Hip Hop eJay”, which wasn’t much, but at the time it was fantasizing and it was the trigger to his future in being the amazing ...

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