Every Move a Picture

  1. Dixie 2:34
  2. Signs of Life 3:34
  3. Chemical Burns 3:51
  4. Mission Bell 2:47
  5. Dust 3:10
  6. Outlaw 3:21
  7. Simple Lessons In Love And Secession 3:26
  8. The Best Is On The Outside 3:30
  9. On The Edge Of Something Beautiful 2:56
  10. St. John's Night 3:39
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The dance post-punk stylings of San Francisco's Every Move a Picture initially materialized around vocalist/guitarist Brent Messenger, bassist Joey Fredrick, and drummer Dan Aquino. Childhood friends Messenger and Fredrick had been playing in various bands throughout the early 2000s (at times with Aquino), but Every Move a Picture wasn't officially born until early 2004.

The quartet was ultimately completed after Portland transplant Allen Davis answered a Craigslist posting and joined up on guitar and keyboards. Soon after, the band recorded three songs at a friend's rehearsal space; the energetic tracks found early airplay on local radio and by KROQ's Rodney Bin...

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Клип Every Move a Picture - Dixie


Клип Every Move a Picture - Signs of Life

Signs of Life

Клип Every Move a Picture - Chemical Burns

Chemical Burns

Клип Every Move a Picture - Outlaw


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