Ernesto Cortazar

  1. Remembrance 4:06
  2. Besame mucho 3:49
  3. Stolen Kiss 2:20
  4. Alone 4:28
  5. Blue Waters 3:36
  6. Secrets Of My Heart 5:34
  7. Tide Of Lust 3:47
  8. Playful Wind 3:23
  9. Beethoven's Silence (Concerto) 9:56
  10. Autumn Rose
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Ernesto Cortazar II was born in Mexico City into a family of composers. Ernesto's father, Ernesto Cortazar Sr., was an accomplished composer respected in his field and was named president of the Society of Authors and Composers.

When Ernesto Cortazar II was 13 he tragically lost both of his parents in a horrible auto accident. Despite tragedy Ernesto preceded with his intense studies by attending a music academy, and by age 17, he began scoring for movies.

At age 18, Ernesto completed his very first musical score for the motion picture "La Risa de la Ciudad". The main musical composition for this film was Ernesto's piano piece titled "...

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Клип Ernesto Cortazar - Remembrance


Клип Ernesto Cortazar - Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

Клип Ernesto Cortazar - Alone


Клип Ernesto Cortazar - Blue Waters

Blue Waters

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