1. Who'S The Starter
  2. Blame It on Your Melody 6:23
  3. Dark Side Of The Moon - Original Mix
  4. Dark Side Of The Moon - Radio Edit
  5. Dark Side of the Moon [Classic Bonus Track] - Or
  6. Devil's Gotta Run
  7. Pretty Lies 4:32
  8. Rolling Tunes
  9. Sick N Tired
  10. Thrill [Live at Armin Only 2008]
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Ernesto's is soulful singer and music maker Jonatan Bäckelie from Gothenburg. He's one of the Swell boys and a part of the Gothenburg Jazz Hipsters, a collective of various people that have got jazz, soul and electronic sounds at the top of their agenda. Jonatan has been working with his first instrument – his voice – since he first stood upright … since his early childhood it has been clear to him that he would end up making music. He wrote his first song when he was three, even though he can’t remember it but some of the material he made when he was four or five he can clearly remember. Having music at close range and singing in church a lot in his childhood, touring with his ...

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Клип Ernesto - Who'S The Starter

Who'S The Starter

Клип Ernesto - Pretty Lies

Pretty Lies

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