1. Dancing Queen 3:14
  2. Now Go
  3. Ambitions
  4. Till the World Ends - Livingroom Session
  5. Call Your Girlfriend
  6. Tgim (Walter Mitty's Monday)
  7. The Boxer
  8. Grammismedley - Årets Låt 2012 - (Baksmälla / Vart Jag Mig I Världen Vänder / Om Sanningen Ska Fram (Vill Du Ligga Med Mig?) / Popular / Mikrofonkåt / Save the World / Resten Av Ditt Liv / Levels/ White Light Moment / Jag Kommer)
  9. It's Not My Fault I'm Happy
  10. Misery Thing
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There are at least three bands called Erato.

1) Gothic rock / darkwave band from Belgium, founded in 1993. The band members describe their sound as the "rare blend of the purest new-wave sound of the eighties and contemporary rock". Released at least four albums in 1996-2009, still active.

2) Swedish vocal trio (Amanda Wikström, Petra Brohäll and Ebba Andersson).

3) Techno / house project, country unknown, released one single in 1992, probably no longer active.

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Клип Erato - Now Go

Now Go

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