Era 9

  1. Calling Out 3:24
  2. Gravity 4:07
  3. Warrior
  4. Scripture 4:16
  5. On The Rocks
  6. Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana - All The Way Up
  7. Money Talk 3:31
  8. Turn Day 3:37
  9. Now You Know 3:12
  10. Decrypt 4:02
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The brainchild of lead guitarist Jona Dhe Paganon and drummer Marco Leclerc, ERA 9's beginnings hearken back to high school jam sessions and local cover shows. Joined by rhythm guitarist Joe D'Adamo, the trio shed its "cover band" label, making a commitment to original song writing. Needing a vocalist to front the band, they posted several ads in local newspapers and websites ultimately paving the way for frontman Philip Paolino to answer the call. While all four artists shared an unshakeable affinity for all things rock n' roll, it was their maturity and determination to explore new artistic avenues that fuelled the band's chemistry. With the addition of Eri...

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Клип Era 9 - Calling Out

Calling Out

Клип Era 9 - Now You Know

Now You Know

Клип Era 9 - Decrypt


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