1. Matches (feat. Aaron Richards)
  2. Dreamstate 3:18
  3. Lost Woods Dubstep Remix 3:20
  4. Everlasting
  5. Diablo Dub 2:35
  6. Audiocidity 3:39
  7. Lost Woods Dubstep Rap Remix by
  8. Some Wobbles 5:15
  9. Song Of Storms Dubstep Remix 3:51
  10. Hardstyle FTW 1:57
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Creation. Innovation. Entertainment. These have been James's driving goals since he began producing under the alias of Ephixa. Since then, he has rocked the electronic music industry with his wide appeal and infectious sound. In the spring of 2007, this Canadian metal-head was introduced to an aggressive style of electronic music called hardstyle. He fell in love, and shortly after began experimenting with producing this style of music. A couple months later, Ephixa was born.

All stories have a beginning though, and this one is definitely no exception. Ephixa was born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario. Music was as much a part of his life as it was any other young kid growing up...

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Клип Ephixa - Matches (feat. Aaron Richards)

Matches (feat. Aaron Richards)

Клип Ephixa - Lost Woods Dubstep Remix

Lost Woods Dubstep Remix

Клип Ephixa - Diablo Dub

Diablo Dub

Клип Ephixa - Song Of Storms Dubstep Remix

Song Of Storms Dubstep Remix

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