1. Ella Elle La 2:47
  2. Beautiful World
  3. Dark Manoeuvres 5:18
  4. Hopeless Romantic
  5. Night Moves 4:58
  6. Prologue 1 1:48
  7. Seawall
  8. Move On - Full Strings Mix
  9. virus inside
  10. Prologue - Leave this World Behind
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Envoy aka Hope Grant is a modern day soul man with a penchant for techno. By techno think Underground Resistance and early Madkatt Courtship material, with Shoulder 2 Shoulder the vehicle for a magical journey of burbling basslines and striking synth electronica.

When Hope started releasing dance music, his first outlets were respected underground imprints Peacefrog and Plink Plonk - where he released as St Vitus Dance and Urban Groove Alliance respectively. Then, in 1995, Hope met Slam and his first demos became his debut EPs for the label, "Solitary Mission" and "Heart Of The Soul".

"When I was young, I was hugely into Prince and wanted to write song...

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Клип Envoy - Ella Elle La

Ella Elle La

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