1. New Dimension (Extended) (feat. Sifra)
  2. Hold On (Extended)
  3. Death Itself 6:10
  4. Before assumption 2:59
  5. Rocking Bird 2:50
  6. Sun Falls Earth Rises 8:32
  7. Masterpiece of devastation
  8. Devious Ways 7:01
  9. Internal turmoil
  10. Vera Cruz
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Жанр: Психоделическая / Рок / Экспериментальная

Местонахождение Cakovec, Medjimurje, CT

Музыкальный лейбл Asiluum

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself *(Tolstoy told once). . . . ” During the course of our lives we inevitably change our views, interpretations and directions. From the day that we become conscious of our actions and set our minds free to follow our own ideals, we steadily progress on the path to self-fulfilment. Just when we feel ready to settle down, there is always that buzz and the feeling that something unexpected is bound to happen. Shortly these are the situations and moments that we try to evoke...

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Клип Emphasis - Death Itself

Death Itself

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