1. Hallucinating 3:37
  2. Hallucinating (Mariachi Version) 3:23
  3. Sensations 4:02
  4. She Talks Too Much 3:43
  5. Half Love 3:45
  6. Black and Blue (Interlude) 0:44
  7. T.C. (Interlude) 0:24
  8. Skinny Legs 5:10
  9. Water Baby 1:13
  10. Bridge and the Wall 3:25
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ELOHIM is a four-piece French unit founded by keyboardist Jacky Sourisseau in the early 70's. Their style is a mixture of neo-prog and fusion, combining the sounds of MARILLION and IQ with those of ANGE, ATOLL and to a lesser extent, JETHRO TULL. Apart from Sourisseau, they featured Daniel Trutet on guitar and bass as well as brother Jean-Paul on vocals (who would later move on to HECENIA and UDRAYA) and Jean-Marc Proux on drums. The band released one album and appeared on the compilation disk "Enchantement" in 1987 before breaking up. The cd version of their album "Mana Perdu" contains seven original songs plus four bonus tracks, the sum total of their repertoire...

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Клип Elohim - Hallucinating (Mariachi Version)

Hallucinating (Mariachi Version)

Клип Elohim - Sensations


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