Electro Sun

  1. Pure Blue 7:11
  2. Fucking Music (Original Mix) 8:04
  3. On Air 6:46
  4. In My Dream (Album Edit) 1:26
  5. Floating Out 6:58
  6. Facing The Future 7:05
  7. Into The Sky 5:25
  8. Double Trouble - Remix 8:11
  9. Become One 7:40
  10. High Cue 6:47
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Electro Sun is Nadav Elkayam(Israel). He has released tracks on labels such as: Com.Pact Records, Trancelucent Productions, ZMA Records, ODD and MoonStone. Electro Sun's music introduces freshness and is filled with layers of warm scented rays of sun. Pure Blue is his highly anticipated debut album (released in January 2005). More is awaited from this young and promising artist.

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Клип Electro Sun - Pure Blue

Pure Blue

Клип Electro Sun - Into The Sky

Into The Sky

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