Duchess Says

  1. Black Flag 4:00
  2. AEAE 2:38
  3. Antepoc
  4. Cut Up 3:53
  5. Gainsbourg 4:09
  6. L'ordre des secteurs 4:54
  7. Mayakovsky 2:37
  8. Narcisse 3:51
  9. Tenen Non Neu
  10. la friche 2:03
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Duchess Says is a Canadian Moog rock band from Montreal. The band describes its own genre as "moog rock".

The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Annie-Claude, keyboardist and guitarist Ismael, guitarist and bassist Phil C and percussionist Simon Says. They have been playlisted on CBC Radio 3 and Bande à part, been featured in the soundtrack from the film "The Tracey Fragments," and have performed at Eurockéennes and the Osheaga Festival.

Duchess Says was created in late 2003 by four influent members of the Church of Budgerigars who decided to collaborate together in a common musical project. Their goal was to insure a faithful representation o...

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Клип Duchess Says - Black Flag

Black Flag

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