Dubba Jonny

  1. A Brief Tutorial On Vip Production- Vip
  2. A Brief Tutorial On Dubstep Prod
  3. UKF Dubstep Tutorial 2:58
  4. Blockbuster - Original Mix
  5. A Brief Introduction On Dubstep Production 3:04
  6. All In- Original
  7. Always
  8. Home - Original Mix
  9. New Day - Original Mix
  10. What Have You Got
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Dubba Jonny are a 2 Piece Live dubstep act from Bournemouth, UK.

Since forming in in December of 2009, the duo have managed to reach Number 1 in the Juno dubstep charts for a week solid, clock up 4 million youtube views (most notably, 'a brief tutorial in dubstep production' with over 1 million views), played sold out shows across the country and internationally, make their way into the dance top 10 in several countries with the UKF dubstep 2010 album as well as infiltrating the beatport and juno charts with several releases.

Known for their explosive sets, complete with live drummer Nick (AKA 'Dubba the slut') and atmospheric, energetic, often vocal dr...

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Клип Dubba Jonny - UKF Dubstep Tutorial

UKF Dubstep Tutorial

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