Dub Syndicate

  1. Kingston 14 4:01
  2. Stoned Immaculate 5:22
  3. Wadada 4:12
  4. Forward Not Back 6:54
  5. Hard & Tuff 4:00
  6. Nothing Comes Easy 3:30
  7. Red Sea Version 4:44
  8. Reggae Raga 3:37
  9. One In A Billion 3:56
  10. Dubbing Is a Must
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Dub Syndicate
is a dub band, formed by Adrian Sherwood, and it became a showcase for Adrian Sherwood's collaboration with Style Scott, former ace drummer with the Roots Radics and Creation Rebel.
Dub Syndicate initially evolved out of Creation Rebel and had a classic dub sound until the third album, Tunes From The Missing Channel (1985), where Dub Syndicate gave birth to a highly experimental more technological dub sound.
Dub Syndicate's new sound centered around the interaction of Scott, Sherwood, and members of Tackhead, Skip McDonald, Keith Leblanc, and Doug Wimbish.
Dub Syndicate has collaborated with many other artists including Lee ...

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