Drumma Boy

  1. Dat Recipe
  2. My City On Lock
  3. M.E.M.P.H.I.S.
  4. My City Is The Realest (feat. DJ Paul)
  5. I Got Em (feat. Gucci Mane & J Money)
  6. An Army 1:43
  7. Country Ass Nigga
  8. Shawty Can't
  9. Bite Back
  10. The Story Of
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Christopher Gholson, better known by his moniker Drumma Boy, is a music producer and rapper from Memphis, Tennessee.

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Early life
Born in Memphis (BHZ) and bred in Cordova, Tennessee Drumma Boy was exposed to musicianship at a young age. His mother was a professional opera singer and his father, a professional clarinetist and music professor at the University of Memphis, was the first African-American male to hold the 1st chair position in the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, where he is still an active member. The rest of his extended family includi...

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Клип Drumma Boy - An Army

An Army

Клип Drumma Boy - Country Ass Nigga

Country Ass Nigga

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