1. 迷夜 Pt.1 7:04
  2. We Don't Care
  3. Brave New World (Klaus Hill Remix)
  4. Outlaw 2:56
  5. Call To Arms 2:50
  6. II 7:05
  7. Melting 9:04
  8. 水棱 7:25
  9. Destroy Something Beautiful
  10. Hold You 3:24
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Dopamine was a black metal/shoegaze/depressive rock project from China founded by Deng & Jiang in 2008, the vocalist, Zhao (from Be Persecuted) joined later in 2009. They only released a self-titled EP in March 2010, as well as contributing the song “Melting” to a split with Heretoir and Dernier Martyr before splitting up on April 6th, 2010. A compilation entitled “Dying Away in the Deep Fall” was released by one of Deng’s record labels in 2011, Pest Productions which featured both songs from their self-titled EP and three previously unreleased tracks.

Deng is also the owner of Midnight Productions and Weary Bird Records.

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