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  1. Party Hard 3:37
  2. Chalice (feat. Belly)
  3. What Is Love - Radio Edit
  4. Black (feat. JME, Dizzee Rascal)
  5. African Warrior
  6. Devil in a Blue Dress
  7. Fire
  8. Gone in the Morning - Tough Love Remix
  9. House Party
  10. Riot Music
  11. I Want Your Love
  12. I'm Fly 3:25
  13. Watching Her Move
  14. My Philophosy
  15. Pjs
  16. Because I'm Strong
  17. Forbidden Fruit
  18. Mind Your Business
  19. Love Music
  20. Be Mine
  21. When Your Alone
  22. Over You (Bonus)
  23. Gone in the Morning (feat. Carnao Beats)
  24. Gone in the Morning (Carnao Beats Remix) (feat.
  25. Gone in the Morning (Tough Love Remix) (feat. Ca
  26. Gone in the Morning (Dj Q Remix) (feat. Carnao B
  27. Intro
  28. Riding the Wave
  29. Where's My Money At?
  30. When Angels Sing (feat. Terri Walker)
  31. Honey (feat. Talib Kweli)
  32. I Want Ya
  33. Move to Da Gyal Dem
  34. Explode
  35. Universe
  36. Number One
  37. Big Ben
  38. My Love (feat. DJ Q) 5:03
  39. I Know (feat. Anton Romero, Atumpan)
  40. I Don't Play (feat. Lethal Bizzle)
  41. Leave Me Alone (feat. Mz Bratt)
  42. Turn off the Lights (feat. Sean McCabe)
  43. Summertime (feat. Artful Mark)
  44. Where da Mansdem At (feat. Trilla, C4)
  45. Never Ready for Love
  46. Alien
  47. Mrs. Green Thumb
  48. Swear Down
  49. Ydkam 2
  50. Check My Swagga Out - Skream Remix
  51. Check My Swagga Out - Chuckie Remix
  52. Check My Swagga Out - Mike Delinquent Remix
  53. Check My Swagga Out - DJ Mix
  54. I (Sean McCabe Remix)
  55. I (Sean McCabe Movin' On Dub)
  56. I (Kenny Dope Remix)
  57. I (Kenny Dope Instrumental)
  58. I (K- Dope Beats)
  59. I (K-Dope Keyz-pella)
  60. Gone in the Morning (Carnao Beats Remix) [feat. Carnao Beats]
  61. Gone in the Morning (Tough Love Remix) [feat. Carnao Beats]
  62. Gone in the Morning (DJ Q Remix) [feat. Carnao Beats]
  63. I'm Fly
  64. WMMA
  65. iwy
  66. Love Is The Word
  67. I (Original)
  68. House Party (feat. D Double E, Sneak Bo)
  69. Fire (feat. Mista Silva, Fuse Odg)
  70. Big Ben (feat. Ice Prince, Sarkodie)
  71. I
  72. Where's My Money At
  73. Love
  74. Fire (Main Mix)
  75. Fire (Instrumental)
  76. Fire (Accapella)
  77. Fire (Acoustic Mix)
  78. Fire (Afro Beat Mix) [feat. Mista Silva & FuseODG]
  79. Fire (Prototypes Vocal Remix)
  80. Fire (Prototypes Dub Remix)
  81. Fire (Elias Shepard Remix)
  82. Fire (SandMan Remix)
  83. Fire (SheaNoo Remix)
  84. What Is Love (Donaeo Darkside Remix)
  85. What Is Love (Luke Larrell Remix)
  86. What Is Love (Mike Delinquent Remix)
  87. What Is Love (Aizi Robinson Remix)
  88. What Is Love (DJ Q Remix)
  89. What Is Love (Playtime Productions Remix)
  90. What Is Love (Craig Benjamin Remix)
  91. What Is Love (Estoril Dnb Remix)
  92. Move to Da Gyal Dem (Cablimpsy Mix)
  93. Move to Da Gyal Dem (Male Remix) [feat. Frisco Jammer Shorty Anton Romero Terri Walker]
  94. Move to Da Gyal Dem (Female Remix) [feat. Mz. Bratt Lioness Terri Walker Lady Leshurr]
  95. Move to Da Gyal Dem (Sarkodie Mix) [feat. Sarkodie]
  96. Move to Da Gyal Dem (David Heartbreak Mix)
  97. Move to Da Gyal Dem (Eddie K Mix)
  98. Move to Da Gyal Dem (Mensah Mix)
  99. Move to Da Gyal Dem (Instrumental)
  100. Big Ben (Instrumental)
  101. Big Ben (Genairo Nvilla King of Drums Remix)
  102. Big Ben (Work of Artful)
  103. Big Ben (feat. Sarkodie)
  104. Big Ben (Preditah Remix)
  105. Big Ben (Accapella)
  106. I'm All Good
  107. King
  108. Living My Life
  109. Supadupa Thug
  110. Underground Love
  111. When Angels Sing (Donaeo's Dubstep Remix) [feat. Terri Walker]
  112. When Angels Sing (Toddla T Remix) [feat. Terri Walker]
  113. When Angels Sing (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) [feat. Terri Walker]
  114. When Angels Sing (Lil Silva Remix) [feat. Terri Walker]
  115. House Party (Donae'o Remix)
  116. House Party (Tough Love Remix)
  117. House Party (Shea Burke Remix)
  118. House Party (Elius Shepard Remix)
  119. House Party (Wideboys Remix)
  120. When Angels Sing (Acoustic Version) [feat. Terri Walker]
  121. I Want Your Love (Dub Mix)
  122. I Want Your Love (Joat Mix) [feat. Lumidee]
  123. I Want Your Love (Roska Mix) [feat. Lumidee, D Double E]
  124. I Want Your Love (AR Mix)
  125. I'm Fly (Radio Edit)
  126. I'm Fly (feat. Sway)
  127. I'm Fly (DJ Version)
  128. I'm Fly (Redlight Remix)
  129. Watching Her Move (Shy FX Remix)
  130. Watching Her Move (iLL Blu Remix)
  131. Riot Music (Shy FX Radio Edit)
  132. Riot Music (Skream Remix)
  133. Riot Music (The Nextmen Remix)
  134. House Party (Main Mix) [feat. D Double E & Sneak Bo]
  135. House Party (Radio Edit) [feat. D Double E & Sneak Bo]
  136. House Party (Instrumental)
  137. YDKAM (Clean) [feat. Squeeks, Joe Black, Dru Blu, Ratlin & Lethal Bizzle]
  138. YDKAM (feat. Squeeks, Joe Black, Dru Blu, Ratlin & Lethal Bizzle)
  139. YDKAM (Instrumental)
  140. Mami No Like
  141. Mami No Like (iLL Blu Remix)
  142. I Know (Addicted) [(Main Mix]
  143. I Know (Addicted) [Instrumental] 5:58
  144. Polo
  145. Check My Swagga Out
  146. Gone in the Morning (Radio Edit) [feat. Carnao Beats]
  147. My Circle (feat. Big Tobz, Blittz)
  148. I Want Your Love (feat. Lumidee, D Double E)
  149. My Circle (feat. Cadet, Wiley, Ghetts) [Remix]
  150. Black
  151. My Philophosy (bounce)
  152. My Circle - Remix
  153. Bounce (My Philosophy)
  154. Whole Life
  155. Fire - The Prototypes Remix
  156. When Angels Sing
  157. Where's Da Mandem At
  158. My Team
  159. Whole Life (feat. Fredo)
  160. Raised In The Sauce
  161. Let Me (feat. Young T & Bugsey & Belly Squad)
  162. Bingo (feat. Ghetts & Shakka)
  163. Alone (feat. Cosima)
  164. Lights On
  165. Hot In February (Freestyle)
  166. Jungle (feat. Shakka)
  167. Polo (Remix) (feat. Wretch 32, Cadet & Louis Rei)
  168. Black (Social Circles Remix)
  169. Bingo (feat. Ghetts & Shakka)
  170. Alone (feat. Cosima)
  171. Let Me (feat. Young T & Bugsey & Belly Squad)
  172. Lights On
  173. The Link Up
  174. Jungle
  175. No Love
  176. Hot In February
  177. What Is Love
  178. Black (DJ Q Remix)
  179. Black (Preditah Remix)