Dj VaG

  1. Все любят
  2. Все любят (План)
  3. Ты должна знать 0:17
  4. А-Е 2:48
  5. Как зовут 3:08
  6. Georgia 1:37
  7. Моя Ялта 3:13
  8. Фреш стайл 3:23
  9. D.O.G 3:03
  10. It's Start Time 1:32
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Dj Vag is one of the best Hip-Hop/R&B Dj’s and beatmakers in Ukraine.
1998 was the starting carrer.
Since year 2001 he plays in best night clubs and biggest hip-hop & break dance festivals in C.I.S.
Dj Vag presents “South Dj’s Community”
He usually make Scratch Shows on technical exhibitions, representing "Ecler" and "Serato Scratch Live" products.
Dj Vag is official beatmaker and producer of rap group “Su.Pro”.
In November 2007 Dj Vag became “Best Dj” on Ukrainian Dj Championship.
He released over 10 own mixes and mix CD’s.f the best dj's in Ukraine.

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Клип Dj VaG - Все любят

Все любят

Клип Dj VaG - Все любят (План)

Все любят (План)

Клип Dj VaG - Ты должна знать

Ты должна знать

Клип Dj VaG - Как зовут

Как зовут

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