Dj Frankie Wilde

  1. I Need To Feel Loved 5:10
  2. I Need A Miracle 4:08
  3. I Will Wait For You Pacha
  4. Set in Sensation White 2009
  5. MIX 2011 (Radio Record)
  6. I Will Wait For You 3:54
  7. Tell me why
  8. i used to drink, i used to smoke
  9. MIX 2011
  10. Reflect(в момент написания трека,Фрэнки уже был глухой)
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After troubled teen years spent on the dole, he stumbled headfirst into the utopian dream of London's nightlife scene, where, with the right set of records and one gig a week, the lowliest yobbo could be lifted to the heights of rock star status. Frankie grabbed stardom by the horns and refused to let go. Frankie "Cut me and I bleed vinyl," he would scream to the throngs as he tore them new ears with sets ranging from hip hop to electro to funky beats that seemed to emanate from another world. The music never stopped. When rave exploded so did Frankie.He put all his energy into acid house and went from the clubs of East London to packed festivals in Miami, Rio, Tokyo and, o...

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Клип Dj Frankie Wilde - I Will Wait For You Pacha

I Will Wait For You Pacha

Клип Dj Frankie Wilde - I Will Wait For You

I Will Wait For You

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