1. School Of Funk
  2. Dirt 2010
  3. Kill Humans - Dirtyloud Remix
  4. All The Time
  5. Afternoon
  6. Hello - Dirtyloud Monday Nite Remix
  7. Disco Recordz
  8. Beautiful Places - Original Mix
  9. Animal
  10. Intuition (Original Mix)
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The hottest new electronic act to emerge in 2010, Dirtyloud can count David Guetta and a slew of headline DJs among their fans, as they continue to kick out the jams from their studio in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Their jacking, tough yet effortlessly groovy sound has come to define the nu-electro style currently taking the world by storm.
Their assault on the sales charts on Beatport is just short of legendary, having up to 4 tracks at any one time in the top 10 electro-house chart, and having sat at no.2 on Beatport “all genre chart” for weeks at a time, their position as the purveyors of the most cutting edge house in the world today has been cemented.
Their prolific studio ou...

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Клип Dirtyloud - Disco Recordz

Disco Recordz

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