Die Mannequin

  1. Autumn Cannibalist 3:22
  2. Fatherpunk
  3. Bad Medicine
  4. Candide
  5. Dead Honey
  6. Do It Or Die
  7. Lonely Of A Woman
  8. Saved By Strangers
  9. Sucker Punch 3:25
  10. Upside Down Cross
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Die Mannequin is a punk rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They are fronted by 23-year-old guitar player and singer Care Failure (born Caroline Kawa). They played the "Next Big Thing" Stage at Edgefest 1 in 2006, have toured across Eastern Canada several times on their own as well as opening for Buckcherry on their Canadian tour. Die Mannequin also opened for Guns N' Roses on the Canadian dates of their 2006 North American Tour, and supported Sum 41 on their Strength in Numbers tour during the fall of 2007. They have toured Europe on several occasions, alone and as opening act for the European Danko Jones tour in 2008. They are also playing one of the legs of the Jäge...

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Клип Die Mannequin - Autumn Cannibalist

Autumn Cannibalist

Клип Die Mannequin - Fatherpunk


Клип Die Mannequin - Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine

Клип Die Mannequin - Candide


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