1. что изменит нашу жизнь? 1:33
  2. Место чтобы остаться 2:09
  3. Не чувствуя боли 2:20
  4. Тысячи слов 1:36
  5. некуда бежать 2:34
  6. Ряд Стен 1:45
  7. Intro
  8. WAR: Deserted Battlegrounds
  9. Disease 8:06
  10. Минутная слабость 2:08
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There are at least 3 groups with the same name:
1. Germany (Crossover Prog, Progressive-Rock). Based on the dates of 90% of their output and their self-classification as "cosmic prog", DICE would seem to be a new generation German space rock band, albeit in the mold of veterans like ELOY, PINK FLOYD, and even HAWKWIND, but in some sense they were almost contemporaries. The group was formed in 1974, with founder and leader Christian Nove also citing JETHRO TULL and WIGWAM as favourites. However, it was not until 1979 that they released their debut album which included Alto Pappert from KRAAN on saxophone. The 80s and early 90s were quiet other than for live performances.

... Полная биография


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Клип Dice - Место чтобы остаться

Место чтобы остаться

Клип Dice - некуда бежать

некуда бежать

Клип Dice - Ряд Стен

Ряд Стен

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