1. Artificial Feelings 7:13
  2. Endless Horizons 8:09
  3. Slowly Fading Away
  4. Energy Flow
  5. Landscapes 4:38
  6. Just another story 6:26
  7. Happiness Is Only Real, When Shared (Album Mix)
  8. A Feeling Of Emptiness 4:24
  9. Levitation Generation 8:30
  10. Forever Free 7:02
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Ambient-Psybient-Downtempo Project. Electronic musician since 98, Downtempo project since 2006

Born on the small island called Sri Lanka but grew up in the mid-south parts of Sweden.
Always had an enormous passion for music, growing up with music like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie,Dire Strates and the Swedish songwriter/poet Ulf Lundell.

Started playing drums at age of 12,discovered electronic music around the mid 90´s. Before the chillout project Dhamika´s music was a trance project with a psychedelic touch to it.

In 2006 he started to listen and also produce more Ambient/Downtempo music and got some tracks out on DI.FM( Digital Imported Chillout Cha...

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Клип Dhamika - Endless Horizons

Endless Horizons

Клип Dhamika - Energy Flow

Energy Flow

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