Dexter Kane

  1. The Craft
  2. Dusty Chords - Original Mix
  3. You Know The One?
  4. Speak & Spell
  5. Beta Blocker
  6. Happy Shopper
  7. Is it
  8. I Got Soul
  9. Hurt Me
  10. Work That
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Dexter Kane is the latest endeavour in a string of projects from long time music industry aficionado and master of indecision, Ed Kane. Whilst permanently keeping one ear close to the ground yet refusing to be pigeonholed, Dexter has developed a sound that lies somewhere towards the deeper end of the dance music spectrum. He has signed tracks to the likes of Fear of Flying, Akbal Music, WYS! Lower East and Shadow Sanctuary. After being instrumental in Lower East's launch and rapid rise he decided to part ways with the rest of the team due to creative differences in early 2012. Despite the recent nature of the project's inception, Dexter has found himself playing across the UK, E...

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